Does my website need upgrading?


Does my website need upgrading?

The unseen but essential work on websites Imagine not updating any of the software on your smartphone for years. The operating system would slow down and the apps would eventually stop working properly. None of the software would be supported and bugs would not be fixed. Eventually your phone would come to a grinding halt.  […]

How Coronavirus will change our world

The main issue of Coronavirus is obviously health. But what about the unseen impact? Lets try to make sense of it… Life after Coronavirus Designers, marketers and branders should understand the environment around us and the psychology of people. So, when a world altering event happens, we need to understand how it will change behaviours. […]

What Brexit teaches us about branding

We’re all a bit tired of hearing about the train wreck called Brexit. But there’s one part of Brexit worth looking at again. A branding exercise we can all learn from…   The TV dramatisation ‘Brexit: an uncivil war’ depicted Dominic Cumming’s role in the Brexit referendum. It provided insight into how the underdog campaign won, leaving […]

Marketing communications secrets: Evolution can help your brand

Psychology should be used in marketing communications to make brands enticing In our visually cluttered world it isn’t easy to catch people’s interest. There is a secret to making creative communications that matter to people. It’s about understanding how evolution has hardwired our brains to find certain things appealing. Marketing communications can use brain evolution to influence decisions […]

luxury brand marketing: The essential strategy

A solid base is needed for luxury brand marketing   Without the right foundation in place, you’ll be left asking what went wrong with your marketing. A luxury brand that’s not enticing will always be hard work and investing in promotion won’t reap the rewards expected. The problem is the conventions of the luxury market […]

How much does branding cost?

There are signs when it’s time to re-brand   You know your branding isn’t working like it should. Maybe it isn’t right for your company. Maybe it doesn’t convey who you are, or it’s not enticing enough. Increased competition, new leadership, a merger or a startup are all typical reasons for a re-brand. There’s many variables with branding […]

Which Colours Are Best For Your Brand?

Colours brand meaning and which are best suited for your brand If you’re expecting to see a list of different colours meaning for brands, then sorry to disappoint. Those articles are absolutely everywhere, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one. But thanks for visiting! Ok, now we’ve separated the wheat from the chaff and got […]