How Much Does Branding Cost?

There are signs when it’s time to re-brand


You know your branding isn’t working like it should.

Maybe it isn’t right for your company. Maybe it doesn’t convey who you are, or it’s not enticing enough. Increased competition, new leadership, a merger or a startup are all typical reasons for a re-brand.

There’s many variables with branding because the project scope can differ so much. No project is the same. We help all sizes of businesses in different sectors win attention with their branding. That’s why you need to talk through your branding needs with a professional agency like us, to understand the best approach for you.

For many, branding is a huge challenge.

So, we’re going to touch on the elements – what’s involved, the branding cost and what’s right for you.

Branding isn’t just a logo, which is why it can be expensive.

• First we need to understand your environment. Your marketplace and your customers.
• We need to understand your authentic brand, including brand positioning and why people buy from you – the value you offer
• Most importantly, we need to understand how people can connect with your brand on an emotional level
• Then we can develop your brand identity – how things should look

branding cost

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The Branding Team

There’s 2 ways to approach this. For smaller budgets, although the steps are similar, things can be done more informally.

But for more in-depth branding projects with larger budgets, specific skills are required. The essentials for this are an experienced, dedicated brand strategist and brand identity designer who can realise the strategy visually.

That core can be supplemented with specialist partners, working together to create a consistent brand. That could mean copywriters, researchers, photographers etc


How much does branding cost?

You could a few £thousand for branding, £tens of thousands for something on a larger scale and £100s of 1000s for something on a global scale.

So, you need to understand what level of investment is right for you. That depends on your business goals. Obviously the aim is to increase profit. For example, attracting investors or increasing conversion rates and growing market share by using a differentiated proposition

Our re-branding of a luxury recruitment brand saw their conversion rate rise so dramatically that the first few months beat their entire previous year – all without any extra marketing spend.


Finding the right Agency

There’s a huge difference between a global branding agency and a small independent agency. It obviously makes a difference in terms of price. But with branding, size doesn’t matter as much as experience and skills.

how much does branding cost?

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Project Scope

Even through project scopes vary, they have the same steps – research, strategy, design and implementation.

Strategy can vary depending on the business, stakeholders, products, naming etc

Also, brand identity design depends on the number of creative concepts for presentation and the number of applications of the brand identity.

Brand Strategy research and work would typically include

• positioning
• target audience profile
• positioning narrative development
• Key Messaging

Elements to add onto this list would be stakeholder interviews, workshops, increased data research and further immersion


Budgets & Value

If budget is an issue, then brand strategy can be done in a more informal way and included in the project costs.

But for projects who need something more in-depth, the starting point for the basic framework at it’s simplest would be about £4,000. Add something like stakeholder engagement (interviews) and it goes up to about £6,000, and so on. The deeper you go, the more elements you add and the more it costs.

Then of course there’s brand identity costs too, which depends on the number of creative concepts and how the brand identity is implemented. Rebuilding a website, brochure design, changing uniforms, signs, vehicle liveries, marketing material etc can have significant cost implications.

Do you understand the value of a rebranding project? What can it do for your business?

Cutting corners can be a false economy – never go on branding cost alone. A brand identity needs to achieve your aims and objectives. Even a cheap branding exercise can prove to be an expensive mistake if it doesn’t work. We can simplify the steps to work for smaller budgets without sacrificing quality.

For example, do more informal research or present less design concepts.
If you do have the budget then you need to understand how creating a new brand identity can help create business.


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