Does my website need upgrading?

The unseen but essential work on websites

Imagine not updating any of the software on your smartphone for years. The operating system would slow down and the apps would eventually stop working properly. None of the software would be supported and bugs would not be fixed. Eventually your phone would come to a grinding halt. 

I know because I tried it until frustration got the better of me! 

Managing the risks for your website

A website is an essential touchpoint for most businesses, but you should not assume your website will be okay if you leave it.

It can be difficult to understand the value of spending money on something where there can’t see the results. But like the smartphone example, what if your website were to slow down, stop working properly or even disappear entirely?

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Upgrading WordPress websites

Keeping up-to-date is even more important for websites built on a WordPress platform. Due to its huge popularity (they claim to be the world’s most popular website builder) and third party plugins of varying quality, WordPress is notoriously vulnerable in terms of security. Each time you miss an upgrade of the platform or a plugin, then the risk of a malfunction or a security breach increases.

“Each time you miss an upgrade of the platform or a plugin, then the risk of a malfunction or a security breach increases.”

(Full disclosure: we offer a WordPress support package of monthly upgrading which includes support, monitoring, security and an hour of development time every month.)

Case Study

A client had two WordPress websites. They used The Big A to keep one regularly updated, but they didn’t touch the other one for three years. During that time it was hacked without them realising, by which time it wasn’t possible for the server to restore the website to its former glory.

It bought home to them the importance of keeping their other website regularly maintained.

Other platforms maintenance

Higher end systems such as Craft CMS are less vulnerable to attacks. But keeping them updated regularly ensures you receive bug fixes and new/improved features. It also keeps your page loading times fast, which is good for usability and your ranking on google (SEO).

A sector of upgrades

Upgrading is the bread and butter of the IT sector. Owner of Tech P A, Grant Sullivan, explained that a significant amount of IT work is unseen:

“It can sometimes be difficult for clients to understand the importance of investing in keeping their IT systems updated. But when things go wrong it can have a significant impact on businesses.”

Keep your website maintained

The longer you leave updating the website, the more work it is to update it and the more risk you are taking. Although the updating work may be unseen, you might notice a difference in speed or improved features.

But best of all, a business critical marketing tool will be safe and working. How you can tell if your website needs upgrading? Because if you have website then it should be kept up-to-date regularly.