Is Shopify worth it? 3 reasons Shopify can help your online store get sales

Shopify has exploded in popularity. Best suited to small and medium online stores, now they also cater for large scale stores which is why big brands like Nestle, Red Bull and Tesla also use them.

Sometimes it can be difficult to get simple answers to discover if a platform like Shopify is right for your online store. The simple truth is people use it for two main reasons…

1. Plug and play

The reliance on third parties such as hosting companies and web designers is reduced. Life is made easier for you because things like security are handled by Shopify.

The design can still be entirely bespoke to your brand, or you can use an existing Shopify template and customise it, which means not starting from scratch. This can cut out a whole lot of development time, so long as the template performs the functionality you need. And saving time means saving money!

If you need something to perfectly fit your business model and/or brand personality, then designing your store from scratch without using a template is the best option.

2. Managing your business

Shopify has an easy to use interface, so you don’t need to be tech savvy to update bits of content. And it’s a hub for all the business management, from managing orders, shipping and payments to things like Facebook ads.

This means you can get on with running a business and focus on getting more sales, rather than getting bogged down by technology and administrative tasks.  

3. More marketing and less messing around 

The less time and costs spent on technical stuff like maintenance, security and other updates, the more can be spent on marketing. And marketing is where Shopify really comes into its own. 

The popularity of Shopify means there are an abundance of apps for marketers to play with and automate tasks. Shopify has made it easy for anyone to get a state-of-the-art ecommerce store for their brand. Things like improving your conversion rate and managing your store across other channels like social media are within easy reach.

Online growth with Shopify

What Shopify offers is the flexibility to create and grow a business. If you are serious about making your online store a success, then Shopify is a great choice. 

Shopify partners

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