Design in the age of competition

The rules have changed – there’s a new power game

The world is full of noise with everyone competing to be heard. Everyone is after everyone’s business.

It’s the age of competition.

Linkedin and Facebook look more like each other by the day. Social media has become a wall of sound.
Design has also become less compelling.

Too many websites look usable but lack interest. Too many brand identities don’t convey genuine value.

So much power, so little influence

From logos and websites to brochures and online marketing, the power of design has been vastly reduced.
We all have access to the same technology. But more access means more noise and less differentiation.

In this environment how do you outsmart the competition?

Differentiation is the key to winning more customers.
We all have access to similar technological gizmos, and they can be useful tools.
Pushing all the shiny new buttons and measuring data is an attractive proposition, and very handy when used correctly.

Don’t forget about people

No amount of gizmos can help you understand people and their motivations.

It’s easy to utilise technology without thinking about what happens at the other end.
Over reliance on tech means ending up with an empty proposition.

And competing to be heard by shouting with all the other voices is not enticing.

To win attention you need to connect with people.

Be human. Don’t just use the same template as everyone else.

Marketing means differentiating from the competition so people buy from you.
Present something genuine that ties in with what motivates people.

It’ll be more likeable. And people buy things they like.

Powerful website brochure & logo design

You can get sucked into a bunfight or take control

Whether it’s a website, brochure, logo, direct mail or online marketing – connect with people on an emotional level.
It’s what people relate to. Your offer will become more compelling.

Don’t just design. Design for the age of competition.