Brand Relevance Without Character Isn't Enough


Brand relevance without character isn’t enough

Brands focused on relevance can lack character Copying each other leads to acceptance. Facebook shows us the edited lives of friends, all competing for who has the most ideal life. We live in an increasingly ‘me-too’ world and design is no different. Website design has been sacrificed at the alter of usability. Looking good never looked so generic! Branding […]

Your website could be a call to inaction

Submit to better creative website design & marketing for your brand Ever come across a button on a website that says ‘submit’? They’re all over the internet. SUBMIT. It seems odd seen out of context like this, doesn’t it? That’s because it’s saying ‘give in’. That innocuous button is asserting its dominance over you. It sounds like you have […]

The Danger of a Dull Brand

Wake up call – your brand could be dull.  Is it a big deal? Well, yes. If your offer isn’t enticing, then less people will be interested in what you have to offer. I often receive marketing from restaurants and caterers, using ‘seasonal ingredients’ as their centre stage attraction. It’s an offer most people couldn’t […]