Boutique luxury design agency

The Big A is a boutique design agency for luxury and premium brands.

We make brands more enticing by designing for people.
A brand which people can connect with makes for a compelling brand identity, website design, brochure or any other marketing.

People buy into what they can relate to.

It’s easy to forget that people make the world go round.

It’s why many luxury and premium brands struggle to win attention. Worn out visual cues denoting luxury is default mode for the luxury sector.
The problem is, luxury has no intrinsic value in itself.

To make a luxury or premium brand enticing you need to connect with people on a human level.

Our rebrand and website design for a luxury brand increased their conversion rate within a few months to match their entire previous year.

Boutique luxury design agency

Discuss how your luxury brand can outclass the competition

The human factor

Understanding what motivates people on an emotional level is compelling.

In this noisy world it’s what wins attention and outsmarts the competition. With insight into your brand combined with understanding of what motivates people to buy from you, we can build an authentic emotional connection.

To ensure a successful project you need to discuss you needs with a boutique design agency specialising in luxury brands, like us.

Boutique design agency
Recommended boutique design agency
recommended boutique luxury design agency

Strategy to win attention for luxury brands

From the very start, The Big A create a strategy to win attention. For over 10 years we’ve been trusted to design a more compelling proposition for luxury brands. The come to us because they need to outclass the competition.

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