Change a few words on your website to gain more customers

What if changing a few words on your website could win you more customers?

It would be a no-brainer. An easy win for getting more business. And you could outsmart the competition.

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The smallest details can be the most important

Sometimes it’s attention to the small details that can be the most important but also the most overlooked.
The button on your website or email that you’re hoping delivers an enquiry or sale is known as a ‘Call To Action’ (CTA).

You’re hoping people click on it

So does it say something compelling?

If it says ‘click here’, ’send’ or ‘submit’ like most do, then you probably haven’t paid it much attention.
But it’s too important for default text. It could be the difference between getting an enquiry or sale and not getting one.

 What if changing a few words on your website could win you more customers?

What you should write

The message depends on your brand. How it connects with people.

Decisions, decisions

Do you know the motivations of people buying from you? If so, you need to distill that into a few words.
Those words need to be that persuasive push for people to make that final step and click your CTA.

Example 1.

We created this button text to convey the value of a recruitment company.
The person isn’t being asked to ‘click’, ‘send’ or ‘submit’.

Changing a few words so your website gets more customers

‘Find my ideal staff’. They’re being asked if they personally want a trusted, expert service.
It’s far more attractive proposition than some meaningless default text.

It’s one of the reasons why their website conversion rate increased.

Example 2.

It can relate to a specific campaign, such as a price incentive like this one from a

How changing a few words on your website could win you more customers
It shows the saving and gives you a nudge to help persuade you make that decision.
It suggests it’s time sensitive but isn’t too pushy.

It’s a more human approach than ‘buy now’

Design to be enticing

Design doesn’t just mean making something look ‘good’ or ‘professional’. It means being enticing to your target audience.
The CTA needs to be particularly enticing because it’s the final step to getting more business. It requires consideration.

An enticing experience needs to be planned. It should inform the design which realises it, including the small details.


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