Is Your Website Losing You Clients?

Your website might be easy to use. But if it isn’t compelling then people will go elsewhere.


If you have a website that’s easy to use then that’s great.

But does your website make users want to explore – does it create interest and build trust? Have you understood your customers and the journey you need to take them on?

If the answer is no, then your website might be losing you clients.


Everyone understands that usability is important. But usability does not necessarily mean a good user experience.

Ironically, usability can often be at the expense of a good user experience.

Usability is so dominant that many websites now look similar. Democratisation of the web has left it all looking a bit too vanilla.


The importance of people

As technology evolves and becomes more accessible, we forget that these are only tools. The key ingredient to a website not losing clients is people.

We sometimes call people ‘users’ or ‘traffic’. This pushes us further away from understanding what people want. It dehumanises. Instead of thinking about the customer journey we think of statistics and figures instead.

This means the human element gets lost. And then you aren’t special which means people can find the same features elsewhere or at a lower price.


Design the customer journey

The often neglected area of website design is understanding peoples’ psychology and how your brand can evoke feelings. Then you can win their attention. Whatever they are thinking about, your offer needs to become more important to them.

From your brand identity to your website, increase the emotional tie with your brand. Websites are the place to flesh out your brand values and story. Build interest and strengthen the connection.

If you understand what people want, then your website can provide them with a compelling journey. It can win you clients.


Attention-Winning Website Design

People come to The Big A for their websites to win attention. We do it by understanding people.
It creates a more enticing experience. If that sounds like something you need, then get in touch.