3 reasons website design isn’t enough

Looking to get a new website?

Maybe you don’t know where to start. All you know is you want a website design that looks great.
Something easy to use that makes you look professional.

This approach to commissioning website design is flawed

That’s because they are basic requirements.
It’s easy to commission a usable website that doesn’t make you look incompetent.

 That’s why most other companies have one

But it doesn’t matter how good a website design looks.
For a website to be more compelling, then you need to plan for it.

Here at The Big A we go by the ethos ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a short guide for your website design to be more enticing.
Because being more enticing means winning more business…

1) Your aims

The ‘why are we here?’ question. Clarify your objectives – the reason your website exists.
It could be for one or more of these things:

  • clients researching for reassurance

  • generating enquiries via email or phone

  • generating online sales

  • online marketing

For your website to do more than look pretty, it needs to be a marketing tool. So, its raison d’être needs to be established and planned.

2) Your offer

Your proposition – the reason people buy from you.
For your your website to be enticing it needs to:

  • connect with a human emotion

  • be authentic to you

  • motivate people to buy

To create a compelling website you need to identify what motivates people. A compelling proposition is something that interests people.

3) The experience

You need to plan an experience for people. A way of building trust and interest. Making your website ‘sticky’.
Using your compelling offer (from point 2), you need to:

  • create a simple, enticing hook

  • expand on your offer

  • give insight into your expertise

For people to buy into your brand, they need persuading. Walk with them on their journey, building on your compelling story.

There’s other research to be done too

Identifying your position in the marketplace and your competitors is also important. The point is, a lot of work should go into a project before any design work starts.

Otherwise you’ll be left with a nice looking site that could perform better.
So, if you want your website design to outsmart the competition, then you need to be plan for it.

The Big A specialise in creating enticing websites

We are website design and marketing agency in London. People have been coming to The Big A for over 10 years because we specialise in making them more enticing.

We know how to win attention. And winning attention means winning more business.

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