Stop Being Professional

Stop being professional and be memorable:


How to cut through the clutter.

Clients often tell us that one of their most important values is ‘being professional’. But it’s not an offer that’s enticing to clients – it’s a basic assumption. Like we assume you won’t go to a meeting dressed as a chicken while doing the running man dance.

Good isn’t enough. Most of the your competitors look good. But do they stand out – are they memorable? It takes strategy, insight and creativity to identify who you really are. Creating something that stands out and matters to your audience isn’t easy

But it gets results: when so many are forgettable, doing something memorable becomes even more unforgettable.

For example, we’ve all seen the many forgettable construction site hoardings; they use the same words and similar looking logos. It means that when something stands out from the clutter, you look twice.

This work was featured by CreativePool because it looks memorable and enticing to the target market. Using a different material like brushed aluminium stands out and adds to the high end feel of the brand. The logo uses a simple typography device to reference the idea of partnership (with their investors).


Understanding your proposition, why people buy from you and your position in the marketplace is key. It forms the building blocks to creating something memorable that stands out from the crowd..