Planning 2020

Investing in a benchmark year

Benchmark years are few and far between. For those who plan and invest in campaigns which piggyback on the anticipation and excitement around benchmark years, the rewards can be significant. 2012 stood out as an Olympic year, but those come around rarely. The last time a benchmark year was only made up of two numbers was the year 2000. Prior to that, the year with only two numbers in was the year 1010, almost 1000 years ago. The next opportunity exactly like 2020 will be in 3030, so not in any of our lifetimes.

A unique moment in time

From massive scale platform brands to sleeping giants and challenger brands, benchmark years are a chance to link to a unique moment in time. Memorable benchmarks like 2020 can provide an opportunity to create exciting, targeted campaigns to help increase engagement and sales. We have already started developing 2020 concepts for clients, but our research shows that few brands have started planning for it.

investing in a benchmark year

All change

The changeover of top global brands in the last few years has been significant, signalling the technological revolution in full flow. But not everyone has got to grips with technology effectively to match their client needs. For example, fashion brands try and often fail to keep up with rapidly evolving customer expectations, while for luxury watch brands the search engine is still king. A more recent addition to the marketing mix, influencer marketing, is growing rapidly but is probably the part of the digital marketing world that has the least amount of measurement and reliability. Meanwhile social shopping is gaining popularity, and by 2020 Generation Z will be the largest consumer group in the US.

Even big digital brands like Nokia can drop down the brand rankings, and the challenge for brands at the moment is to maintain or increase their value while the market is volatile. 2020 is an opportunity to create a story that people really connect and engage with across a variety of channels. A campaign that plans for tangible results in an uncertain marketplace. Something that’s more than searching for clicks, to get scrolled past among a sea of noise.

To create a brand buzz around 2020, campaigns needs to gear up now. Will your brand be visionary or will this moment pass it by?