How to make your ecommerce website store more persuasive

Build it and they will come, right? Not quite. The market is packed with ecommerce shops. For example, UK ecommerce sales have risen to nearly a third of all retail already, and this year alone 18% growth is expected in the US. A Gartner survey of over 11,000 B2B customers showed that when online, they struggle to differentiate the offer of suppliers from each other. A staggering 64% of them could not distinguish between different brand experiences.

There’s a lot of noise out there to cut through, making it more difficult to get noticed, and its only going to get busier. So how can an online store become a more persuasive proposition for customers, and not just win attention but also keep attention in this environment?

Not just an online store

Don’t just create an online store. Do something more powerful. Create an online experience that encourages people to buy into your brand. Ecommerce websites work best when they are guided by understanding what motivates the customer.

Identifying why people buy from your online brand is essential. When done properly, this stage of the process is part science and part insight. It helps discover where your brand sits in comparison to your competitors and the psychology behind the customer decision making process. That connection can then be built on, to create a far more enticing online experience. 

“Identifying why people buy from your online brand is essential.”

Persuasive ecommerce design 

The measure of effective design is not just looking good, but whether it achieves what it needs to do. The layout, colours, typography copy and images should all work together to create a cohesive and authentic online representation of your brand.

Designing to look like other brands is not good marketing practice because it removes a precious asset – differentiation. Taking the time to understand the visual route your brand needs to take is what earns attention. Creating a persuasive experience.

Planning the online journey

Planning which content is presented and understanding the best place for it, helps make the online journey something special. Of course there are norms which help usability. But outside of that, the rationale behind what to show and when, is best informed by understanding how your brand can connect with your customer.

Then it is possible to create a journey which wins attention, keeps attention, gains trust and gets that all-important buy-in.

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A few examples

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