How To Earn Attention For Your Luxury Brand

Luxury & premium brands can find it difficult to earn attention. To look more appealing and win hearts.


Luxury and premium brands can find it particularly challenging to connect with their audience emotionally. Their marketplace is more formulaic than most. From logos to websites, they often copy the same visual language. They get caught up in how they think a luxury or premium brand should look.

A derivative look means no distinct personality. And no compelling values to create interest. Which all means that the brand has little in the way of emotional connection to the audience.

It’s not enticing.


Authenticity is essential for luxury or premium brands

A meaningless brand identity isn’t just unappealing – it can seem insincere. This is disastrous for any type of luxury or premium brand. The brand tone of voice needs to feel genuine, not fake.

Insight into your brand and how it can win hearts will create authenticity. Understanding people is vital.  Then you can have the confidence to appeal to their emotional needs. You can earn their attention.


The human element

High quality and high-end brands can be hesitant to change. And yet they know something different is needed, because what they’re doing is not working well enough.

In a noisy world you need design that wins attention. Evoking feelings is important, especially for the luxury and premium markets. The human element. Not logic and not pricing.


Winning attention

Most of our clients are luxury or premium brands and boutique businesses. They came to us because they knew they needed something more compelling, and we gave them the confidence to win attention.

This is how we went about earning it for them…

We create strategies to win attention at the start of every project. Researching the brand, audience and marketplace are all vital to creating that authentic emotional tie.

For example, your logo represents your brand. But it won’t win attention or be enticing – unless it represents what makes you special to people.

We identify what you have to offer that people care about and value. Then we create design that builds interest in what you have to offer. Something appealing to win hearts.

And everything needs to be consistently on-message, building on those core values. From your branding, website, brochure and direct mail to your email marketing, SEO and advertising.

To keep attention, we plan your customer journey. This works brilliantly, and is especially important for something like a luxury website design. It helps to build the value and trust in your brand.


Creating that human connection is essential for luxury & premium brands. It gives them confidence and authenticity. We do it by understanding how people think. Then we create design that wins attention.