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A design agency specialising in logo design that makes luxury brands enticing

The Big A are specialists in helping luxury brands be seen and remembered. We do it by connecting with people on a human level.
Our approach means we can create a hook that people find enticing. And it’s why our ideas and designs get featured all over the world.


The luxury market is different to other sectors

You need to attract the right type of clients, and persuade them that you’re worth spending on. The Big A do this by making your values connect with people emotionally.

Luxury in itself holds no intrinsic value. It’s why so many luxury logo designs look similar. But marketing means differentiating yourself and outclassing the competition.

In the case of a logo design you need to hook people in.

Win their attention. And building on an emotional connection is what people relate to. It what people reach out to in this cluttered, competitive world.

luxury logo design agency

Discuss making your logo design enticing

A logo design should be an investment

It’s difficult for businesses to understand the value of a brand identity. Concrete business aims need to be defined, which depends on your resources and the potential returns.

That’s why you need to discuss your needs with a professional brand agency like us – to understand the best approach for you

A brand identity isn’t just a logo

A logo is the crown jewel. But a brand identity means all the colours, typefaces, imagery and words used by your brand are consistent.
They should all support the same message.

luxury logo design agency

Discuss making your logo design enticing

How we do it

We create a plan for winning attention. We use a combination of psychology and marketing to understand how you can connect with people emotionally.

We research your business, your position in the marketplace, your competitors and what motivates people to buy from you. Then we create a compelling logo design that is authentic to you.

You need people who understand the way you operate and your niche audience.

You won’t get fobbed off onto an account manager or an office junior. We understand that luxury brands and their clients don’t fit into the usual templates. It’s why we specialise in that area.

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Clients come to us because we are experts in wining attention and keeping it.

They want to outsmart the competition, and luxury businesses know they need to invest wisely. The Big A understand what makes people want to reach out to you instead of your competitors.

Our rebrand for a luxury brand saw their conversion rate rise so dramatically that the first few months beat their entire previous year – all without any extra marketing spend.

We have been the trusted design agency for our luxury brand clients for over 10 years.

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