How to make your luxury brand design more appealing

A faultless experience is essential for the luxury market

From that initial hook of a logo, to the interest of exploring a website and much more. It needs to be authentic and enticing.
Successful luxury brand design enables the feeling of a ‘must-have’ product or service

Many luxury brands and businesses know something is missing

Maybe their brand identity doesn’t win attention, or their website doesn’t reflect who they really are.
They know they need to look more enticing.

Image is everything in luxury brand design

but looking luxury isn’t enough – it holds no inherent value.

To be more enticing and memorable you need to create an image that people connect with.
In a competitive world, it’s what wins attention and keeps it.

Our logo and website design for a luxury recruitment brand saw their conversion rate in the first few months beat the entire previous year – all without any extra marketing spend.

Make your luxury brand design more appealing

Discuss making your luxury brand more appealing

Authenticity is key

Luxury brand design and promotion needs to be based on insight and understanding of the brand  – its customers, position in the marketplace and what it offers.

Because looking fake is fatal for luxury brands

But the most important part is understanding people and their motivations.
Then you can create a stronger bond. In this noisy world, you need to outsmart the competition,

Business aims

The approach and level of investment depends on your business goals, which need to be clear and defined. That’s why you need to talk through your branding, website or other promotion needs with a professional agency like us – to understand the best approach for you.

Then we can create a plan for your design to win attention and be remembered. That’s our specialism.

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About us

The Big A is a boutique design agency. For over 10 years we’ve specialised in winning attention for luxury brands and businesses.

They come to us because they want to be seen and remembered.

We understand people and how your brand can create an emotional connection with them. It’s how we help our clients outclass the competition.
It’s why our work has been featured by Design Week, Yahoo News!, Gizmodo, The Independent and Creativepool amongst many others.

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