How to attract the clients you deserve for your luxury boutique brand

luxury boutique brands all have one thing in common:

Whether selling products or services, they need more quality clients.

The luxury sector is different to others in that respect – and it is amplified for a luxury boutique brand.

There’s a particular audience searching for a certain promise. And they need to be persuaded that what you offer is something that is sought after and can’t be obtained anywhere else.

Become more enticing

What makes luxury businesses successful is that they become ‘must-have’ products or services.

Becoming more enticing sounds simple. But it can only be done by creating an emotional connection with your audience. From when they first see your logo, through to the website experience, brochure and any other brand touch points. It means understanding what emotion to tug on and how to apply it.

And it must be authentically you, or they’ll see through it. And being fake and insincere is just about the worst thing for a luxury brand.

attract the clients you deserve for your luxury boutique brand

Discuss getting the clients your luxury boutique brand deserves

It’s a delicate operation

And one that many luxury boutique brands and businesses get wrong. We’re all used to seeing the cliches of the luxury marketing. The problem is, the idea of luxury in itself holds little value.

For your offer to be enticing you need to connect with people on a human level.

In a noisy, competitive world it’s something that wins attention and build interest. It’s far more compelling and powerful than just a lazy visual cue indicating luxury.

That’s why you need to discuss your needs with a professional agency like us, to understand the best approach for you.

Being a boutique agency ourselves who also specialise in the luxury market, we understand the challenges you face.

You need defined business aims and to know you won’t get fobbed off onto an account manager or an office junior. You need people who understand the way you operate and your niche audience.

It means understanding what motivates people to buy from you and getting insight into your brand. Boutique luxury businesses can have unrivalled dedication, knowledge and sophistication. they typically understand their clients well. But it’s not something that fits into the usual template for many design agencies or marketing agencies.

Our design for luxury recruitment brand saw their conversion rate rise so dramatically that the first few months beat their entire previous year – all without any extra marketing spend.

Creating a new brand identity or website should be seen as an investment. Saving money by going with a cheap agency can end up costing more if it doesn’t work well and needs to be redone. Business objectives should be clarified and then a strategy created to entice the level of clients you need.

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We’ve been enticing quality clients to luxury boutique brands for over 10 years

Clients come to us because we are experts in wining attention and keeping it. They want to outclass and outsmart the competition. And boutique luxury businesses know they need to invest wisely.

We specialise in creating a connection with people and your brand. It’s why our work has been featured by Design Week, Yahoo News!, Gizmodo, The Independent and Creativepool amongst many others. Because we understand what makes people want to reach out to you instead of your competitors.

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