Explainer videos

Explainer videos can be animated or real footage. Copywriting scripts, voiceovers to broadcast quality, creative illustration with animation or corporate films to camera can all be used to make a brand more compelling.

Explainer videos can provide an engaging way of explaining concepts and the value behind a brand. This works particularly well when you have a process or product that is difficult to explain quickly and in simple terms. The engagement rate of video on websites and social media is also typically considerably higher than static content.

The Big A are an established branding agency, so we understand your needs and the strategy behind the video. We can tailor-make videos specifically to solve the problems you face in marketing your service or products.

And explainer videos don’t just work effectively on social media or websites either. They can work well for online advertising campaigns too. Get in touch with us using the button below to discuss how we might be able to use explainer videos to help you.