Digital mind reading for your website design & marketing

Everyone uses the same tools with digital marketing & website design

So gaining the competitive advantage means doing something different to outsmart the competition.
Being able to know what motivates your clients would be hugely advantageous to every business.

You could entice people by offering exactly what they wanted.

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Digital mind reading

Digital design and marketing is a realm where people are often forgotten. Everyone has access to the same latest tools, so competitive advantage is lost.

‘Digital mind reading’ is our human capacity to perceive the mind of others, applied to digital campaigns like website design.

Successful brands and their advertisers understand this well. They identify the human emotion that motivates buyers.
Then they build brands and campaigns around that emotion.

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There’s another advantage

It makes you more interesting – and that wins attention. How many times have you started reading a web page only to lose interest in what it’s saying? Connecting with peoples’ emotions makes your brand more interesting and likeable.

Being more human builds interest and keeps attention

Digital mind reading means every detail being focused on connecting with people. Encouraging them to buy into your brand.

From logo, colours, typeface and copy to images, website design and email marketing. All details focused on creating something that people want to buy into. It’s an incredibly compelling approach.

The Big A specialise in creating an emotional connection with people.

We use a combination of psychology and marketing. Then we create digital marketing campaigns and website designs that people relate to.
In a cluttered world it’s what wins attention.

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How we do it

We always start with the mind reading part – understanding people and what motivates them emotionally.

We also research aspects like your brand, the competition and your position in the marketplace. Then we create a strategy to make you more enticing. Something that is authentic to you.

Our rebrand and website design for a brand, saw their conversions in the first few months beating the entire previous year.
And all without any extra marketing spend.

About The Big A

People have been coming to The Big A for over 10 years for their digital design and marketing. They come to us because they know we understand how to make them more enticing.

We know how to win attention. And winning attention means winning more business.

Digital mind reading your website design and marketing
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We provide a reliable, dedicated, senior level service. A well-managed, transparent, smooth process – no account managers and you won’t be fobbed off onto office juniors.

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