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From logo to website design, luxury brands should connect with people

From that instant hook of a logo to the interest built by a website – luxury brands need to be authentic and enticing.
Design consultancy for a luxury brand should give that feeling of a ‘must-have’ product or service

Create something that people relate to

To outclass the competition, luxury brands need the human element. Looking luxury in itself holds little value, whereas connecting with people on an emotional level is compelling.

It’s what entices people in a noisy, competitive marketplace.

Our logo and website design for a luxury brand saw their conversion rate in the first two months beat the entire previous year – and all without any additional marketing spend.

design consultancy luxury brands london

Discuss making your luxury brand enticing

Design consultancy should include Business aims

Your investment into a project depends on your resources and business goals, which need to be clear and defined. Then you can understand the potential returns and how to go about getting them.

That’s why you need to talk through your branding, website or other promotion needs with a professional agency like us – to understand the best approach for you.

After consultation, we can create a plan for you to become more enticing. Then we can create design that wins attention and keeps it.
That’s our specialism.

Authentic, enticing luxury brands

We use research and insight to create a strategy. The strategy allows us to create an experience which is authentic to your brand.

Our insight of people allows us to plan on winning their emotions. Speaking to people on a human level is compelling. Understanding their motivations creates a stronger bond and outsmarts the competition.

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About us

The Big A is a London design consultancy specialising in luxury brands. We’ve been winning attention for luxury brands for over 10 years.
Our work has been featured by Design Week, Yahoo News!, Gizmodo, The Independent and Creativepool amongst many others.

Clients come to us because they want to be seen and remembered.

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