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The Big A is a design agency for property brands

We specialise in attention-winning design, to get you seen and remembered.


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Our expertise is in captivating people.

We do it by understanding property brands and how people can connect with them on a human level. It’s how we use design to win attention in a world full of noise.

Winning attention means winning more business. It’s why people come to The Big A. They understand that logic, features or price alone won’t cut it in a competitive marketplace. They need a design agency that understands how property brands can entice people.

It needs to be something that evokes interest so your offer becomes more enticing.

And once we’ve got their attention we know how design can keep it. Because attention need to be earned.

Our attention-winning design gets results across the board – trade shows, brand identity, website design, brochure design and many other campaigns.

We’ve been creating compelling design for property brands and businesses for over 10 years, using a mixture of creativity, technical expertise and marketing.


Our Story


Hi, I’m Alex, co-founder of The Big A – a design agency set up to help property brands win attention. The Big A was established over a decade ago as an agency where winning attention takes centre stage. Our own differentiator in a cluttered market.

Among other things, experience in advertising for household brands, illustrating for The Guardian newspaper and working at agencies and in marketing departments gave me a varied creative background.

Our Attention to Your Project

Our projects are well-managed. There are no middle men, just good old fashioned communication. With The Big A you’ve got one point of contact managing your project. Me. I don’t hire account managers.

design agency property brandsOur Service to you

Our design service always plans to interest and enthrall. We’re here to help people connect with you. To creates something interesting and memorable for your them.

Whatever we do, your property brand or business will find its own persuasive and enticing voice. From logo, photography and copywriting to brochures, websites and exhibition graphics  – we deliver a gripping design consistently.

We are setup for almost any outcome you can imagine with quality you won’t find anywhere else.

Our Methods

We make a strategy to win attention at the start of every project. We find out all about your proposition, market position and audience etc. But really it’s about understanding people and how you can better connect with them. Then we can create attention-winning design.

How can we Help?

Does your property brand or business need a design agency to help win attention?
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