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The Big A are a design agency that helps luxury brands win attention.

So that when people are faced with choice, they reach out to you. People come to The Big A because they know that winning attention means winning more business.

We’re here to help you look more interesting and authentic than the rest.



Becoming more desirable

What a luxury brand must achieve to become more desirable:

Whether it’s a logo, website, brochure or another type of campaign – it’s essential that people want to buy-in to your brand. Once we understand what it is you offer which holds the most value to people, then we can build the essentials.

• Authenticity
a genuine brand tone with real values that people care about

• Confidence
showing off those core values of your brand confidently is essential for luxury brands

• Trust
fleshing out the brand personality also creates more interest and builds trust. It means people are buying-in to your story.


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How we help luxury brands to win attention

There is a strategy to winning attention. The most important part is people. It’s combines brand & marketing strategy with psychology. We look at things like:

• Understanding why people use you
• Your position in the marketplace
• Understanding how to build a stronger emotional connection with people
• How to become more enticing to people

Most important is insight into people. Understanding what drives them. And then we can leverage that to motivate people into buying your particular offer. An emotional tie.

Our Story


Hi, I’m Alex, co-founder of The Big A. It’s an agency created to help luxury brand and businesses win attention. We use a blend of creativity, marketing expertise and understanding people. The Big A was established over a decade ago as an agency where earning attention can take centre stage. Our own differentiator in a cluttered market.

Among other things, experience in advertising for household brands, illustrating for The Guardian newspaper and working at agencies and in marketing departments gave me a deep creative background.

Our Attention to Your Project

Our campaigns are well-managed and streamlined. Open and transparent. There are no middle men, just good old fashioned communication. With The Big A you’ve got one point of contact managing your project. Me. I don’t hire account managers.



Be seen, be remembered.

It’s easy to get distracted and lose sight of the most important part of your brand. People.

In a noisy world, many luxury brands have a ‘me-too’ approach. They just melt into the background. To cut through the noise you need to evoke emotions. We specialise in attention-winning design. From a logo which represents your core values, to the experience of a website to build interest in your story.

We plan to win attention and keep it.

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