5 Essential Steps For Creative Marketing Ideas

It’s not easy for businesses and brands to find creative marketing ideas.
Something that wins attention and entices people.


Some want that instant ‘wow factor’ for things like Direct Mail and trade shows.
Others need a more in-depth experience for things like a website, brand identity or brochure.

How Creative Marketing Ideas Can Win Attention

If you want creative Marketing ideas to captivate people, then it needs planning. A strategy for winning attention.
There’s no off-the-shelf formula that works for everyone. Certain tactics work for some but not others.
But the right approach is relevant to every tactic, even for something technical like SEO.

5 Essential Steps For Creative Marketing Ideas

These are the building blocks:

1. We live in a noisy world
Marketing and design like everyone else won’t make you memorable.
It’s good to know your position in the marketplace, but stop looking at your competitors so much.

2. A relevant hook
It’s no use doing something just to get attention.
Even for the ‘wow factor’ winning attention means being creative in a meaningful way. Something relevant to your values.

3. Connect with people
The value you offer needs to evoke feelings.
Give people something they can connect with. It’s the core element to winning attention.

4. Authenticity
Your offer needs to be authentic.
There’s no point offering excitement if what’s on offer is trust. That’s fake and people will see through it.

5. Keep Attention
To keep attention you need to build interest.
For things like websites and brochures that means fleshing out the value of your offer – building trust and creating a stronger emotional tie.

Attention needs to be earned and that means understanding the right approach for you and your customers.
Then you can create something that people find enticing.


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