The secrets design agencies won't tell you

Creative Communications agencies have a secret

Design is the easy part of the process.

It’s essential but it’s also the fun part of the process.
Almost every design agency can make something look good.

That’s not the big challenge

How well it works is a different subject

In a creative communications agency the magic should happen before the design work starts.
The consultation and strategy is the groundwork – the foundations if you like.
Without it design is just an aesthetic – something pleasant looking but without purpose. Looking ‘good’ or ‘professional’ is not enough.

To be enticing and connect with people, design should be just one piece of the puzzle.

Approach things in a smarter way

For design to be effective there needs to be a process.
This process contains a mixture marketing, psychology and design:

  • Marketing because you need a strategy to achieve great things

  • Psychology because it’s people you’re trying to attract

  • Design is the creative and functional realisation of those things

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Discuss a smarter approach for your design project

Competitive advantage

A smarter approach means not just looking great. More importantly, it gives you the competitive advantage.
And that’s the purpose of marketing and design.

Gaining the competitive advantage means enticing people. It’s done using differentiation.
Differentiation means giving people a compelling reason to buy from you.

It outsmarts the competition, so people reach out to you instead.

The basics of creative communications

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Insight doesn’t magically appear.
You need to create a plan for enticing people and gaining their attention.

If you’re looking to appoint a creative communications agency, ask them what consulting they have planned.
Even if it’s just for a website design or a logo. Their answer must include:

  • gaining insight in your company

  • research of your market position

  • understanding your target market

  • your objectives

Without these it doesn’t matter how good the design looks. It’ll just be guesswork as to whether it does what you need.

Great design understands what motivates people. It connects with them, creating something more compelling

Specialists in gaining the competitive advantage

The Big A are a creative communications agency specialising in gaining the competitive advantage for our clients.
It’s why they’ve been coming to us for over 10 years, and why our work gets featured worldwide.

Our rebrand and website design for a luxury brand increased their conversion rate within a few months to match their entire previous year.

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Our plan for you to outsmart the competition

From the very start, The Big A create a plan to win attention. For over 10 years we’ve been trusted to design a compelling proposition for brands. Something that gives them the competitive advantage.
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