How your brand can read customers' minds

Mindreading brand communication and creative design

imagine if you could see inside the hearts & minds of your customers. You’d be able to give them exactly what they wanted.
You could connect with them in a way your competitors couldn’t.

You could use this knowledge to win their attention, entice them and get them excited about your offer.

How your brand can read customers' minds

Imagine how it would affect your business?

Everything you created for your customers could be dedicated to this. All brand communication and creative design.
Your logo, colours, typeface, copy, images, website, brochure – absolutely everything.

This type of thing doesn’t have to be the stuff of dreams.


It’s entirely possible with the right approach.

Most people don’t consciously realise it, but the human element is what they relate to.

Successful brands and campaigns speak to people on an emotional level.
The authentic characteristics of a brand can then be built on that foundation.

It’s an incredibly compelling approach.


The Big A specialise in creating an emotional connection with people.

We use a combination of psychology and marketing.

Then we build creative design and brand communication that people relate to. It wins hearts and minds.
And in this noisy world that speaks loudly to people.

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How we do it

We always start by creating a plan to make you more enticing.

It involves understanding people and what motivates them emotionally. We also research aspects like your brand, the competition and your position in the marketplace.

This allows us to create something that is authentic and unique to you.


The strategy can be realised across creative design and brand communications.

For example, a logo needs to be an instant hook whereas a website creates interest – it’s is a chance to flesh out your characteristics that people find compelling and strengthen the bond.

You can even apply it to your google ad copy.

Our rebrand and website design for a brand, saw their conversions in the first few months beating the entire previous year.
And all without any extra marketing spend.

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About The Big A

People have been coming to The Big A for over 10 years for their creative design and brand communications.

They come to us because they know we understand how to make them more enticing. We know how to win attention.
And winning attention means winning more business.

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We provide a reliable, dedicated, senior level service. A well-managed, transparent, smooth process – no account managers and you won’t be fobbed off onto office juniors. You can see more about our work here

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