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It’s difficult for luxury brands to win attention.

To be seen and be remembered – when so many use similar visual cues and ideas.
The Big A are a creative agency who specialise in winning attention for luxury brands.

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It’s a noisy world.

There’s only one way for luxury brands to cut through the clutter and win attention. It’s not based on price or logic.

It’s creativity that connects with people, evokes feelings and creates an emotional tie. This approach is enticing and authentic to your brand. You can build on it too. It creates interest.

So your services or product features alone won’t cut it. Chances are, they’re not unique or exciting enough by themselves.


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Using creativity to become a ‘must-have’

Many luxury brands fall into the same trap

The luxury sector is very formulaic. Similar looking creative designs are used to convey the idea of luxury. But they don’t show the value that the brand offers. It’s difficult to effectively promote what you offer when there’s little differentiation from competitors.

The Big A are a creative agency that helps luxury brands become more desirable. Our rebrand and website redesign for a luxury brand increased their conversion rate within a few months to match the entire previous year

We transformed them from a ‘me-too’ brand to a luxury ‘must-have’ brand.



Understanding people

The Big A is a creative agency who taps into what motivates people – feelings and psychology. It’s what wins their attention. And winning attention means winning more business for luxury brands.

Once you’ve won attention you keep it by building on it. Then you will have created value in what you have to offer.

Attention-Winning Creativity

There are building blocks for our creative campaigns – from logos, branding and websites to brochures, exhibition graphics and adverts.

To be enticing, our creativity follows a well defined strategy. A plan to win attention.

We start with:

• understanding why people use you
• your target audience
• your positioning in the marketplace

But it’s really about understanding people and how we can create something they connect with. Something they value that you can offer them.
Then we can use creativity to make your luxury brand more enticing to them.

Our Story


Hi, I’m Alex, co-founder of The Big A. It’s a creative agency created to help luxury brands and businesses win attention. We use a blend of creativity, marketing expertise and understanding people. The Big A was established over a decade ago as an agency where earning attention can take centre stage. Our own differentiator in a cluttered market.

Among other things, experience in advertising for household brands, illustrating for The Guardian newspaper and working at agencies and in marketing departments gave me a deep creative background.

Our Attention to Your Project

Our campaigns are well-managed. No middle men, just good old fashioned communication. With The Big A you’ve got one point of contact managing your project. Me. I don’t hire account managers.



We specialise in attention-winning creativity

From a brand identity to represent your core values, to a website for building interest in your story.

We plan to win attention and keep it.

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