When is an email not just an email?

Case Story

When is an email not just an email?

Making contact Any type of contact your customer has with your brand is important. Online stores know that email marketing can significantly affect the all-important conversion rate if done well. And using existing customers to get more sales instead of paying for new ones is a no-brainer. So email might be the most important contact […]

2021 Vega Digital Award Winner

The 2021 Vega Digital Awards announced that out of 1,392 entries, The Big A has taken the Centauri Award.  It was awarded for the website design of TV Products HK, who manufacture and distribute retail products worldwide. The project also included brand identity and copywriting. Participation of International Brands  There were submissions from brands worldwide, […]

Case story: How a high end construction company got an attention-winning website design

Kenham are a high end construction company with high standards From luxury and super prime to hotels and retail, they provide an impeccable service of excellence. The problem was, their website made them look ordinary. In the construction sector it can be difficult to tell brands apart. Most construction companies websites look like local builders and […]

How one design concept won our client worldwide attention

Our design went viral, winning global attention for our client. Knowing when to disregard convention can capture peoples’ imagination. Ghizlan El Glaoui is a renowned artist who works with light. She wanted business cards that would be memorable – like a piece of her art. Our concept and design for artist Ghizlan El Glaoui garnered attention worldwide, featuring […]

Case Story: Brand Design To Outclass The Competition

Differentiation doesn’t mean standing out.   It means standing shoulder to shoulder with the customer, and outclassing the competition. It’s common to default to a rigid, formulaic design. But design needs to resonate with people. Design should bring clarity and be compelling. It needs to position your brand in the mind of the customer, so they want to reach […]

9 Creative Design & Marketing Ideas To Make You Go ‘Wow’!

We’ve come up with some captivating and creative design & marketing ideas to win attention for our clients. We’ve also got more subtle ways to earn attention, but that’s not what we’re talking about today. Businesses and brands often want that idea with the ‘wow factor’. Something to hook people in and make them memorable. Whether it’s […]