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We specialise in brochure design and other creative design for Kensington & Chelsea businesses and brands to win attention.


Winning attention is essential because it is the first step to getting more business. This is achieved by conveying the value of what you are offering. Making it attractive to your audience, so that they trust and remember you. That way, you can cut through the noise and stand out from the crowd. So that when people are confronted with choice, they reach out to you.

recommended brochure design kensington & chelseaPeople come to The Big A because they want to be memorable. We design brochures and other campaigns to create interest in your offer.

Creative marketing material such as brochures, direct mail and exhibition graphics need to differentiate you. They should show your personality and attract people.

We’re experts in getting clients noticed. It’s why our projects get featured in the news and industry publications. We use design to find the perfect tone for you, conveying the essence of your company and enticing people. We can also create photography, copywriting, CGIs, illustration and more to support your campaign and consistently convey your proposition.

Or we can do something completely different. We’re trusted to do innovative  campaigns such as video brochures, LED business cards, branded giant jenga, buzzwires and much more. There are no limits.

The Big A are experienced in designing large and small design campaigns for brochures and other print and promotional campaigns. We work with businesses and brands in Kensington & Chelsea, helping them to stand out by winning attention.

How much is brochure design and how long does it take?

That’s your decision!

It depends on the size and specification of the job. We always start with consultancy to create the best strategy for you. We could design an eye-catching but small brochure to win attention.

On the other hand, we could create a larger brochure, using some specialist finishing techniques like light dry technology for example. It could be printed on high end paper and we could also create photography or illustrations.

We could even do something totally different. We can use technology or techniques such as 3d printing or video brochures to create something really amazing and unforgettable.

There’s so many options for brochure design that each project is different.

Our Story


Hi, I’m Alex, co-founder of The Big A, an agency designed to help our clients stand out. The Big A was established over a decade ago as an agency where winning attention takes centre stage. Our own differentiator in a cluttered market.

Among other things, experience in advertising for household brands, illustrating for The Guardian newspaper and working at agencies and in marketing departments gave me a deep creative background.

Our Attention to Your Project

Experienced creativity, technical know-how and marketing means campaigns run smoothly and are well-managed. There are no middle men, just good old fashioned communication. With The Big A you’ve got one point of contact managing your project. Me. I don’t hire account managers.

Our Service to you

Specialists in the art of earning attention. The Big A are setup for any outcome imaginable and more. From designing ‘regular’ printed campaigns such as brochures, direct mail, exhibition graphics and flyers to more innovative design concepts.

Whatever we do, we always create the best plan for you to win attention and be remembered.

Our Methods

We always plan how to best win attention with a strategy. Starting with consultancy, we find out all about your audience, market positioning, proposition etc. Then we can create a brochure design or something else that creates attention in what you have to offer.

How can we Help?

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