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An established design consultancy, The Big A has been producing a range of creative and strategic brand work for over 10 years.


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We specialise in winning attention for our clients. Understanding what entices customers and creating something built on that emotional connection. In a noisy world it helps you to be seen and be remembered.

From that initial glance of a logo, to a more in-depth experience like a website, we understand how to hook people in and keep their attention by building interest and trust. It’s why people come to us. They want people to reach out to them, instead of their competitors.

Our expertise in earning attention is because we understand people.

Without the human element, design can’t make a brand compelling, regardless of how much research and groundwork has gone into it. What’s important is understanding how people relate to a brand. It means looking at things from a customer perspective.

Attention is essential to getting more business. To be noticed and gain the competitive advantage.

But attention needs to be earned. Once you win attention you need to keep it. To be memorable. It’s why we’re the trusted brand & design consultancy for all types of London businesses and brands.

Our Story


Hi, I’m Alex, co-founder of The Big A, a brand and design consultancy focused on helping clients win attention. Established over a decade ago, The Big A is a boutique agency where winning attention takes centre stage. Our own differentiator in a cluttered market.

Our Attention to Your Project

Our projects and processes are streamlined well-managed. There are no middle men, just good old fashioned communication. With The Big A you’ve got one point of contact managing your project. Me. I don’t hire account managers.

brand & design consultancy London


Our Service to you

We are geared up for all types of brand, design and other creative campaigns. We have a quality you won’t find anywhere else – an expertise in bridging the gap with marketing and design and understanding the value of a brand. Discovering what your customer values and making your offer enticing.

Our Methods

We develop a plan to win attention at the very start of the project. It involves understanding people and how they connect with you. Then we can start defining an authentic and distinctive character for your brand.

How can we Help?

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