Get your boutique brand the attention it deserves

Many boutique brands could be more enticing

Does your boutiques business deserve to win more attention from clients? Marketing it would be a lot easier with a clearer idea of what it stands for. And most importantly, what attracts clients to it.

But discovering those gems isn’t easy. Understanding how your brand can connect with people on a more primal level is not about pretty looking designs.

What is a boutique business?

If your business is smaller than the big boys but punches above its weight with a high level of service or product, then it is a boutique brand.

Are boutique brands better or worse?

Sometimes it can feel like you’re competing at a disadvantage when you’re up against the bigger budgets of the competition.
But you have something they don’t: you know and care about your customers better than they can.

You’re able to be more responsive, have more insight and an eye for detail. And your clients know it.

It’s why they use you.


Experience with other boutique brands

Most of our clients are boutique brands. From finance and recruitment to health and technology; we get them. We understand what motivates people to buy from them.

It allows us to turn them into a more enticing proposition. So when potential clients are faced with a choice, they reach out to them instead of the competition.

In a competitive, noisy world you need to box clever. Humanise your brand so people connect with it.

It’s easy to forget that people buy into people

Specialist attention

Boutique brands requires specialist attention. A boutique business does not have the same requirements as other businesses. It’s easy to get lost in formulaic visual cues and soundbites.



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Planning for boutique brands to win attention

From the very start, The Big A create a plan to win attention. For over 10 years we’ve been trusted to design a more compelling proposition for our many boutique brand clients. The come to us because their brands deserve more attention, and we’re known for delivering it.

Take the next step

Do you want your boutique brand to win more attention?

Whether you need branding, website design, strategy or online marketing – if you run a boutique business and want to win more attention then get in touch. Use the form below to start the discussion.


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