Evolutionary psychology secrets to make your brand enticing


Marketing communications secrets: Evolution can help your brand

Psychology should be used in marketing communications to make brands enticing In our visually cluttered world it isn’t easy to catch people’s interest. There is a secret to making creative communications that matter to people. It’s about understanding how evolution has hardwired our brains to find certain things appealing. Marketing communications can use brain evolution to influence decisions […]

luxury brand marketing: The essential strategy

A solid base is needed for luxury brand marketing   Without the right foundation in place, you’ll be left asking what went wrong with your marketing. A luxury brand that’s not enticing will always be hard work and investing in promotion won’t reap the rewards expected. The problem is the conventions of the luxury market […]

How much does branding cost?

There are signs when it’s time to re-brand   You know your branding isn’t working like it should. Maybe it isn’t right for your company. Maybe it doesn’t convey who you are, or it’s not enticing enough. Increased competition, new leadership, a merger or a startup are all typical reasons for a re-brand. There’s many variables with branding […]

Which Colours Are Best For Your Brand?

Colours brand meaning and which are best suited for your brand If you’re expecting to see a list of different colours meaning for brands, then sorry to disappoint. Those articles are absolutely everywhere, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one. But thanks for visiting! Ok, now we’ve separated the wheat from the chaff and got […]

How Luxury Property Brands Can Win Attention

Creating luxury property brands that win attention isn’t easy. Almost everyone describes their property brands as luxury, so it’s a crowded marketplace. They often use the same designs and ideas, so there’s a lot of similar looking brands in the property sector. It’s a great opportunity to create something enticing and get ahead of the competition.   […]

How To Earn Attention For Your Luxury Brand

Luxury & premium brands can find it difficult to earn attention. To look more appealing and win hearts.   Luxury and premium brands can find it particularly challenging to connect with their audience emotionally. Their marketplace is more formulaic than most. From logos to websites, they often copy the same visual language. They get caught up in how they […]

4 ways tech can turn heads for you in 2017

We hear a lot about technological advances, but the impact on us in the real world can seem slow. Here’s four real world applications to help your brand stand-out from the competition by using tech to turn heads in 2017: 1) Beautiful printed effects Standing out using unusual printed effects is now more accessible than ever. 3d printing, video brochures […]

Brand relevance without character isn’t enough

Brands focused on relevance can lack character Copying each other leads to acceptance. Facebook shows us the edited lives of friends, all competing for who has the most ideal life. We live in an increasingly ‘me-too’ world and design is no different. Website design has been sacrificed at the alter of usability. Looking good never looked so generic! Branding […]

Your website could be a call to inaction

Submit to better creative website design & marketing for your brand Ever come across a button on a website that says ‘submit’? They’re all over the internet. SUBMIT. It seems odd seen out of context like this, doesn’t it? That’s because it’s saying ‘give in’. That innocuous button is asserting its dominance over you. It sounds like you have […]