Brand Relevance Without Character

Relevant brands with no personality

Copying each other leads to acceptance. Facebook shows us the edited lives of friends, all competing for who has the most ideal life.

We live in an increasingly ‘me-too’ world and design is no different.

Website design has been sacrificed at the alter of usability. Looking good never looked so generic!

Branding has fallen into a similar trap, with many household brands updating their logo designs in noticeably similar ways.


Trends have become shorter and brands are rebranding more often, as they desperately attempt to stay relevant, like our Facebook friends! Unfortunately, this is often at the expense of communicating their value to us and showing their personality.

Looking relevant shouldn’t stop individuality.

When you combine a busy, competitive marketplace with accessible marketing channels spewing out constant noise, it seems more difficult than ever to be recognised. Looking relevant is important but it won’t differentiate you from the herd. It isn’t the be-all and end-all and should never be at the expense of personality.


A ‘me-too’ environment presents an exciting opportunity to earn attention and be remembered. Stay relevant but never forget your brand values.